Why freelancers are ahead of you

You may be wondering why you feel like you’re strapped to a windmill, why you spend most of it crammed into a piece of transportation equipment, why you are surrounded by idiots during the precious few daylight hours, and why you fork out three quarters of your income on a place you never get to spend any time at (aka your “home”). The answer is simple – because you are NOT freelance.

So, you ask yourself, what have those blessed freelance creatures got that you haven’t…? The answer to this existential conundrum can be summed up in three simple points:

  • We have come to terms with our laziness. In fact, we relish its so much, we’ve turned it into a job.
  • We don’t want to do what we don’t want to do. And if anyone tries to foist a job upon us that looks like it’s going to turn into a nightmare (and believe you me, we can smell those a mile off!!), we just happen to be ‘too busy right now’. But we like to tell the hapless punter to please try again, that there may be an opening for this type of work in the future. (Like when hell freezes over. Or when Russia turns into a democracy.)
  • We’d rather have our eyeballs plucked out with a hot tuning fork than attend a team meeting. We. Hate. Teams. Full. Stop.

5 thoughts on “Why freelancers are ahead of you

  1. NorthernStar

    As a fellow freelance, I completely agree with you on this. You have forgotten one important point though… the ability to get to stay in our pyjamas for as long as we like.


  2. Anna

    I dont think I could mentally handle full-time freelance. While most people tend to hate on The Man, I absolutely relish corporate certainty and structure. Except for the part where it interferes with my Highlands Fantasy!



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