The Amazing Doors of Toledo

One of the things that struck me on my very first visit to Toledo two years ago was the multitude of doors, hundreds of years old, embellished with elaborate metalwork.

So, I took some pictures to show you. And please, no disparaging remarks about my lack of photographic skills. The blasted things just wouldn’t hold still for long enough, I swear!

The magnificent Post Office door – it’s about four metres in height. For the first time in my life, I was waiting for a PO to close, lol.

A late night snog in this doorway could get a tad uncomfortable

So symmetrical

…and in more detail

From the 16th century, a local passer-by informed me when I took this

Starry starry… door

Mmmmmh… covered in delicious freshly baked buns. Unless you’re a bloke, then all you’ll probably see is knockers. Which any good door should have, I agree.

More on the theme…

…and with knobs on!

To finish off, a nice bit of tiling

9 thoughts on “The Amazing Doors of Toledo

  1. NorthernStar

    I love these doors and there’s nothing wrong with your pics, especially the close ups. I must do a similar project when I am allowed to come over next ; )



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