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Kitty Litter

If you’re not a cat person, you may cover your eyes now. I promise I won’t go on for too long.

In a previous post, I mentioned that the streets of Toledo’s historic town centre are largely impassable for vehicles. And neither is there any space for rubbish containers to collect household waste.

Toledo Street

Where would you put your wheelie bin? And a standard rubbish collection truck is hardly going to climb up those steps…

Toledo Street

…and nor is it going to squeeze through there.

Toledo Rubbish Collection Truck

So, what happens is that the residents put out their trash every night in a pile, and around midnight, a squadron of custom-built midget-sized rubbish collection vehicles picks it up. (See above. Refuse from local businesses, such as shops and restaurants, is collected during the day)

Toledo Trash

In the evening hours, when the garbage bags are multiplying on every street corner, Toledo’s enormous population of feral cats comes looking for tidbits.

This tortoiseshell (calico) cat is the alpha female of the trash collection point outside my front door.

This tortoiseshell female rules the roost at the trash collection point opposite my front door.

One of my neighbours leaves our a pile of food on a piece of aluminium foil. The ginger tom on the right is the male boss cat. The two cats in the centre are two of the many kittens he's produced with the female in the previous picture.

One of my neighbours leaves out a pile of food on a piece of aluminium foil every night. The ginger tom on the right is the male boss cat patrolling my corner. The two kittens in the middle are but a small sample of those he made earlier with the aforementioned female.

And to finish off, a couple of random pictures of Toledo’s cats, taken at a different location.

Toledo Cats

Nicely lined up and all snuggly

An exotic beauty...

An exotic beauty with a forlorn stare… moggies beware!