Why Move To Spain? The Answer Is Clear.

Some of you might recall a post I wrote a while back entitled There Are Only Four Valid Reasons For Moving Country. While I was working on this,  I remembered an amusing phone conversation I once had with a fellow freelancer before I decided to move Spain. (I didn’t know him personally, I got his number from one of my clients.) He very kindly agreed to have a chat with me, for which I was (and still am!) very grateful. He gave me some valuable tips on freelancing from Spain, including the need to pay a whopping €254 monthly to social security, which, had he not warned me about it, might have toppled me off my chair when I registered as self-employed shortly after moving here.

But I digress… now, this guy had made the move from the UK a few years ago with his wife and kids. In the middle of imparting his wisdom to me, he suddenly asked, “And why is it that you want to move to Spain? It  is really important to be clear about your motivations before you do something like this. Never do it on a whim”, he went on, ” you need a sound enough reason. Do you know why we decided  to take this step?”

I sat there, in spell-bound anticipation, receiver pressed to my ear, waiting for his profound revelation. “I shall tell you,” he continued, “the weather. The weather with a capital ‘W’. We don’t care all that much for Spanish culture or the food or the people. We don’t really have much contact with them. But we just love the weather here”.

My friend sent me this picture she took in January this year, when London weather reaches the height of shittiness. This bus stop is a few minutes up the road on which I used to live. Ah, memories... ;-)

In January, London weather tends to reach the height of shittiness. My friend sent me this picture she took a bit over a month ago. This bus stop is a few minutes up the road on which I used to live. And now that I’m looking at this, I can almost see (part of) the freelancer’s point 😉

18 thoughts on “Why Move To Spain? The Answer Is Clear.

  1. traveller

    I didn’t realise how important the weather was in my life until I swapped it for much better:) Sort of like a shitty job. You only appreciate fully how crap it was when you’ve left it behind.


  2. roamingtheworld

    I don’t think I could live in a place almost entirely because of the weather, but that’s just me!
    Everyone’s different, though. My town is looking like that London bus stop. It’s been snowing the whole weekend!


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Yes, I’ve been listening to the news in trepidation… they predicted it would snow here, too, but so far it’s been clear blue skies and sun, sun, sun! Bit chilly, mind. Come down!!!


  3. tobyo

    let me bonk that guy over the head!! although I agree the weather is nice in Spain, to move there just for the weather is…well….I can’t even think of the right word!! AGH!!!!


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        A few people get it. Not sure it’s a mainstream motivation, though. And one year at college is one thing, but a ‘permanent’ quite move another…talking of which, I might move to Lisbon in three years or so.


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