Toledo’s Jolly Windows

I’ve been out in the sunshine picture hunting. I keep thinking… one day soon, I’ll run out of themes. But Toledo being Toledo, there’s always something to snap at. This week it’s windows. Quaint, colourful, crumbling, cheerful, cluttered, practical, downright puzzling and even fake(!) – it’s all there.

Toledo Window

Been watching this one very carefully. Every time I walk past, there’s two more flower pots

Window with pinwheel

The cheeriest pinwheel in existence

Toledo Window

Plastic is fantastic…

Toledo Window

Nice effort on the window boxes. Plasterer due anytime soon…?

Toledo Windows

Bit on the garish side, but… it’s got something

Toledo Window

Toledo Window With Washing

No garden or patio? Not a problem. But it sure helps if all your clothes are tiny…

Toledo Window With Cat

There was some serious eyeballing going on between the two of us… leaving absolutely no doubt over who was boss of this balcony

Toledo Window With Wheelbarrow

A very strategically positioned wheelbarrow, that. Must be a bathroom window…

Toledo Painted-On Window

And if you can’t afford a real window, or it’s just too much hassle to move the wardrobe, you can always paint one on


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