The Weekly Don Quixote: In Need Of A Lick Of Paint?

From the previous weeks’ reports on DonQ’s moonlighting activities, you may be under the impression that our intrepid nobleman augments his paltry knight’s salary by merely sitting or standing about decoratively.

Not so!

Here he is, by a children’s playground in Santa Teresa (Toledo), wielding a … paint roller!

He’s not got round to acquiring one of those stylish white vans yet, which every bona fide Painter & Decorator worth his salt should be pulling up in.

I guess Rocinante will make himself useful by fertilising your garden while DonQ and his pudgy helper attack your peeling walls. Although you may want to consider getting yourself some Beirut edition metal shutters to keep your windows in one piece…

DonQ Painter DecoratorFor the other posts in the Weekly Don Quixote series, click here.

37 thoughts on “The Weekly Don Quixote: In Need Of A Lick Of Paint?

  1. Expat Eye

    When I first glanced at the picture, I thought it was a bloody eye at the end of his paint roller. Does that say something about my frame of mind today?! Good to see Don is such a jack of all trades – he’s really earning his keep around the place!


      1. Expat Eye

        Thought I was feeling good until I saw that bloody eye! I had a student this morning that I wouldn’t mind lancing though so that could be it 😉


      2. Expat Eye

        Rugby, I was there last year as well. Hard work but good fun! And nice to be surrounded by other native speakers for a while – I can feel my English getting worse and worse here! Might start a temporary Expat Eye on Rugby. Although the locals there might not take it so well. I had a lit cigarette flicked at my neck last year because I wouldn’t hand over my mobile phone to some weirdo 😉


      3. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Yup, my English slipping is a constant fear of mine… I panic every time when I’m not 100% sure about a preposition.
        Just add another section to your blog… Time Out In Rugby or something. We do want to hear about it!!!


      4. Expat Eye

        Will do! And I hear you on the preposition thing! Or when I tell someone an idiom and then I’m not really sure it is an idiom because I haven’t heard it in so long!! Should be a bit of material here before I go – midsummer festival, Latvian song and dance festival 😉 and a couple of day trips! I’ll probably do one on the Latvian/Russian situation and publish when they close the airplane doors 😉


      5. Expat Eye

        It’s so sensitive here I’d rather avoid it but it keeps coming up in the comments so I figure I should address it! Or more likely, stomp all over it with my ignorant foreigner hob-nailed boots!!


  2. Anna

    Love this. I always thought about doing a themed photo series (I sort of did that in Paris with wrought iron work on the balconies) and this one is BRILLIANT!


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Thanks for that. It’s just what I needed – another button on my mental cake-chocolate-icecream trigger installation. That thing is like a Borg implant….!


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