The Weekly Don Quixote: Heinous Slayer of Storks!

On my recent visit to Alcalá de Henares, aka Stork Central (see this post from a couple of days ago), I made a rather distressing discovery: Don Q is not in the least bit favourably disposed towards storks.

I present you with the blood-curdling evidence:

DonQ Stork SlayerIrrefutable, isn’t it? That poor bird is toast. I think I need my smelling salts.

A ghastly revelation this may be, but I plead with you to remember that this is the valorous Don Quixote we’re talking about. He needs our help to overcome his stork aversion disorder that blights his otherwise impeccably honourable character.

I suggest we all club together to buy him a lifetime membership for the SSA (Stork Spearers Anonymous).

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17 thoughts on “The Weekly Don Quixote: Heinous Slayer of Storks!

  1. rjschutte

    He should stay in Latvia for a while. Shock Therapy. This country is full of storks at the moment. Nesting, feeding, flying or just simply sitting on top of their young.



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