The Old and The New: The Spiny Footbridge

I took these pics a couple of days from my friend Olga’s house. You can just about make out Toledo’s historic town centre in the back, then there’s a much newer part of town (Buenavista) in the middle, and the rather snazzy modern footbridge I have to cross to get to my friend’s place in the foreground.

At the end of that bridge, apart from excellent company, there’s a glorious pool waiting for me, which beats any pot of gold at this time of year 🙂

Buena Vista Bridge

Buena Vista Bridge

29 thoughts on “The Old and The New: The Spiny Footbridge

  1. Anna

    Another amazing photo from you, and one that perfectly illustrates my self-inflicted periodic disappointment with Europe. I want all of the continent to look and feel and act like a period movie set at all times – like I just stepped into a book or a post card. So any evidence of modernity against the backdrop of a medieval castle kind of ruins the illusion.


  2. TBM

    Oh I love the blue sky! Very grey here today. You wouldn’t miss London today. But the next two days it’s supposed to be beautiful–fingers crossed.



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