The Weekly Don Quixote: Even Refined Knights Occasionally Take The Bus

Just imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I sprung the Noble Knight in the most unglamorous place imaginable: the local bus shelter. What on Earth was he doing in there, wedged between the timetable and dried-up spit stains?

Was he just momentarily resting his weary bones on the dinted metal bench, I wondered, before getting back on his trusty steed to commence an honest day’s work dedicated to protecting the honour of young maidens like myself…?

DonQ Bus Shelter

But such high-end moral pursuits seemed not to have ruled his agenda that morning. As soon as the No.62 pulled up, he hopped on, and off he went in direction Luz Del Tajo shopping centre.

DonQ on Bus

Rocinante must have been getting his hooves manicured that morning, and SanchoP was nowhere to be seen…

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30 thoughts on “The Weekly Don Quixote: Even Refined Knights Occasionally Take The Bus

      1. TBM

        Yep it’s on the list. I even purchased a copy a few years back. It sits on my shelf calling me. dude I got the coriander off my fridge wall this am. I thought you would be proud.


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I’m with you. One of my friends just let it slip this morning that she’s got herself a cleaner. I so need one. But I can’t rationally justify it – I do have time to clean, and my income isn’t exactly Hampstead, if you know what I mean… it’s sheer and shameful laziness. Sigh.


      3. TBM

        A cleaner. Oh that does sound grand and posh. As of now, I have the pleasure of scrubbing my own toilet. And it’s the highlight of my year.


  1. Expat Eye

    Bit of a comedown – spaceship to bus! By the way, when did I become LITTLE Ms Sunshine??? Pretty sure I was just plain Ms Sunshine to begin with! Which one of you downsized me?!!?



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