Cat Talk: Dignity

Been sneaking up on Toledo’s unsuspecting cats again… these creatures are endlessly entertaining 🙂

Cat games

“Ahrgh! There! Take this, you stupid stupid stupid post!!!!”

You've not a shred of dignity, have you...?

“You’ve not a shred of dignity, have you…?”

“Eh…? Why don’t you go and stick your head into your plant pot? Looks like it could do with some more compost!”

The cat in the middle pic belongs to a friend of a friend, where we had dinner on Saturday. The cat’s name is Lila, and that window is her absolute favourite vantage point, she sits there all day long.

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8 thoughts on “Cat Talk: Dignity

  1. Dana

    I mean honestly, what can I say, but adorable. I have a soft spot for all the street animals that I see on my travels, and these are certainly no exception. The little orange tiger cat is just precious!



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