Mum’s Kitchen: Damson Dumplings

The recipe for “Zwetschgenknödel”, as they are called, came from my father’s mum. It’s not a traditional Bavarian dish, but a Silesian one. My mum makes them with plums rather than damsons, same difference.

This may not be one of the most photogenic dishes in the world, but it’s my uncontested favourite. Why? Because it’s essentially… like CAKE!

It all starts with yeast, flour and water to make a big lump of dough.

Yeast Dough

Then you shape it into palm-sized balls, stuffing them with plum or damson slices. Peaches might work just as well, I guess.

Yeast dough balls

Next, you drop the dumplings into boiling water and leave them to simmer for about15 minutes.

Boiling Knödel

And hey presto!


Served with a heavy dusting of sugar and cinnamon, and browned butter poured over the top. I added some blueberries for good measure.

And yes, I ate all three of them. Without even struggling.

26 thoughts on “Mum’s Kitchen: Damson Dumplings

    1. Anna

      You don’t have to pronounce it for it to be DELICIOUS!!! ‘Yumm’ is the same in all languages.
      (PS – Mom flew in from the US last week, saw how I’ve been ‘living it up’ in Moscow, put me on a diet. So now all I think about is food.)


      1. Expat Eye

        When I went to Berlin, I did my two German words for some Germans (krankenwagen and funf for some reason). I did it in my GERMAN accent and they were like, yeah, we don’t really sound like that. And they spoke in German and it was really soft and sounded lovely!


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Krankenwagen and Krankenhaus… everyone finds that funny, and I can sort of see why 😉
        Not all dialects sound the same. The Saxons are the Brummies of Germany – it’s godawful, everybody hates that accent!!!!


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    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I can imagine potato dumplings… they’d be much heavier than the yeast dough ones, but very good, I bet!

      Cottage cheese dumplings? That’s intriguing. Or do you mean quark?


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        No, not the same… cottage cheese is lumpy/grainy – completely different consistency to quark. I do love quark in bakery, probably as much as poppy seeds. Sometimes, they even combine the two 🙂


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