Attack Of The 12oz Pug And Struggly Ducklings

On Monday’s family outing to Landsberg, we spotted this two month old pug.

Here she is with my mum

Here she is with my mum

Now she’s wandering over in my direction, all unassuming and a bit coy…

...and the madness starts!

…and the madness starts! She’s just about the length of my hand, and my hands are tiny.


Teeth like needles this one!

Teeth like needles this one!

There was another funny animal-related incident in Landsberg, involving a family of ducks. You can just about make them out in the river, on the bottom right:


Mother duck was trying to teach her offspring to scale up the cascading water. The four almost grown ones managed to remain steadfast the current, but the smallest one couldn’t even keep his feet in contact with the slippery ground. He was paddling on all cylinders just to remain in the same spot, and he kept drifting back down the river again and again.

Here they all are, mum in front, four nearly grown ducks in the middle and the runtling struggling to keep up on the left

And she’s lost him again!

The mother eventually leapt up the first shelf, but none of the others followed, despite her best efforts to entice them. My mum, my brother and I kept cheering them on from the sidelines… to no avail. In the end, mother duck had to abort the exercise and return to less troubled waters.

20 thoughts on “Attack Of The 12oz Pug And Struggly Ducklings

      1. pollyheath

        My cousin has two pugs that sound like asthmatic grandpas. Ugh. But yes, all puppies are wonderful!


  1. Expat Eye

    Maybe he could smell the remnants of Bavarian cakes on your hands and had major food envy? Love the title by the way – I’m a struggly duckling myself at the moment so I can relate 😉



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