Some More Photos From ‘The Village’

After my initial post on my fraught annual return to ‘The Village’ where I grew up (click here to read it), I thought I’d put up some more photos.

Biburg (that’s what it’s called), though not ugly, doesn’t quite make the ‘stunningly picturesque’ category, and I tried hard to avoid snapping the insipidly mundane. I may have failed…. 😉

The maypole again...

The maypole again…

The local kindergarten has its own version ;-)

The local kindergarten has its own version 😉


Some pretty-ish cottages/farm houses:



Pic of a tractor is mandatory

There had to be a picture of a tractor…

The local organic food shop

The local organic food shop


My old schoolfriend’s mum’s very impressive balcony!

I’m back home in Spain now, and I’ve got lots of much better pictures from my visit to Bavaria still coming up, so do not despair… 😉

24 thoughts on “Some More Photos From ‘The Village’

  1. restlessjo

    Just remembered why I’m visiting- I get distracted sometimes! Cathy (Catbird in Europe) said you lived in Toledo and I came looking for photographic evidence. I’m no cook so you’d have to take pity on me and feed me. 🙂


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Durham – I just saw on your blog. Man, you have a beautiful cathedral and the view as the train pulls into Durham station must be the most stunning in the UK, if not ANYWHERE!
        I’ve never been to Portugal, would you believe, but it’s on the list 😉


      2. restlessjo

        You’re of German origin, I believe? My Dad’s Polish. We’re a multi cultural lot, aren’t we?
        We sometimes go for jaunts across the border when we’re in the Algarve. We’ve been to Granada, Cordoba and Seville, but Toledo’s a little too northerly to be easy.


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