Breakfast and Ice Cream Outings In My Birth Town

My friend Martina and I (we’ve been friends since we were four years old) always meet up when I’m on a home visit. Our perpetual mission is to hunt down good food in Fürstenfeldbruck, the town where I was born, which is less than three miles from ‘The Village‘. It’s not exactly a challenge 😉


Breakfast at Vierwasser, a very trendy restaurant by the river Amper.

Ice Cream

We’ve moved on to a fabulous ice cream place right next door to Vierwasser, called Al Ponte. It’s been there for well over 40 years. When we were kids, once a week, Martina and I used to get a scoop of vanilla ice cream each in a cone on our way from our primary school to the bus stop. Once, a pesky class mate of ours by the name of Manuel Krey, was hassling us. I lost my patience and cracked my precious treat over his head. I’m still pissed off about this today – he so wasn’t worth the monumental sacrifice! Should have kicked him in the nuts instead.

The view from our table

The view from our ‘Al Ponte’ table

A canoeing party came along while we were enjoying our ice creams

A few more pics from Fürstenfeldbruck town centre:

Leonhardi Kirche

Leonhardi Kirche

The Town Hall

The Town Hall


Schöngeisinger Str

Here is a brief post about my friend Martina and I, including an old photograph, if you’ve missed it. Just click here.

25 thoughts on “Breakfast and Ice Cream Outings In My Birth Town

  1. Anna

    What’s the green spread on the toast? And is that eggs? What’s the drink? More details on your savory goodies please! Also, does EVERY tiny German town look like it jumped off a page in a book of fairy tales?


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Guacamole (on bread), spinach (in eggs), orange juice and latte, fresh fruit and yoghurt 🙂
      That town is mediocre, at best… but like every place, it’s got some nice bits to it.
      Glad you’re enjoying it, anyway!


      1. Expat Eye

        Yup, still a lot of strong feelings there that need to be resolved 😉 My nemesis is Jason Conroy. He was about twice the size of me and always picked on me so one day I gave him a good kick. Of course, somebody saw that so I was brought to the principal’s office. The one and only black spot on my otherwise stellar school record 😉 Still haven’t forgiven him either!


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        LOL! There’s always one, isn’t there?! We were teased (I don’t want to use the word ‘bullied’ – it wasn’t that serious, just annoying) by all of the boys at one time or another, and I’d be pleased to bump into any of them today and have a drink and a goss. Except for THAT one 😉


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