Lake Starnberg’s Charming Boat Houses

On the excursion to Lake Starnberg with my mum a couple of weeks ago, I spotted some boat houses, where the tourists go to rent their boats. The contrast between light and shade and the ripples on the water made for an excellent photo opp 🙂



Boathouse Window

Oooops… these are my knobbly knees in the window there 😉

Boat Rental


Boathouse Window

Starnberg Boathouse

For some splendid views of Lake Starnberg, click here.

16 thoughts on “Lake Starnberg’s Charming Boat Houses

  1. TBM

    Love the knobbly knees! My knees are really chubby. I went to physical therapy once for my right knee and when she looked at my knee she said, “Wow it’s really swollen.” Then she looked at my good knee and said, “Maybe not.”



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