Photo Challenge: Look Up, Look Down

First time for me participating in a Photo Challenge event. I’ve seen plenty of these posted on the blogs I follow. Though marvelling at the originality of some of the entries, I’d never felt compelled to get my own feet wet until now.

Well, you see, three days ago, I took a picture of a fancy modern footbridge here in Toledo, which I cross regularly to get to a friend’s house. I’d taken pictures of it before, but this is the first one I snapped LOOKING UP, and when Debbie from Travel With Intent announced her photo challenge “Look Up, Look Down” yesterday, I just couldn’t resist 🙂


If you want to see what the bridge looks like from another perspective, click here. Incidentally, those pictures were taken LOOKING DOWN from the block of flats on the right-hand side (in the picture above), where my friend lives.

24 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Look Up, Look Down

    1. pollyheath

      That photo gives me a little vertigo, but it’s great.

      When I lived at Krylatskoye last year, I always thought I would walk over that red bridge and photograph it, but (alas) laziness won that battle.


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