70’s Flashbacks: Meet My Best Friend. Ever.

Which one is it...?

Which one is it…? (I’m the one on the left, btw.)

No, it’s neither of those queer looking girls, heaven forbid! The one on the right I fell out with when we were 11, and we haven’t spoken since (sounds pathetic, which it is, and were we still living in the same country, we’d have fixed this by now). Her cousin, the one in the middle, who looks a bit like a mole, was totally insufferable. She always had to be the leader in every game, regardless of whether one was required or not. Even my mother only ever referred to her as “The Boss”. I’m by no means a natural-born leader, but equally untalented as a follower, so the three of us were doomed from the start.

But I digress. My bestest friend of all time, as you’ll probably have guessed by now, was the dog. My dad acquired him from a US airbase nearby. The owner was returning to the States and could not take him. His original name was Snoopy (yes, very original…!), but as this is awkward for Germans to pronounce, it was approximated to Schnuppi. My mum, terrified of all dogs, turned the poor animal’s arrival into a huge drama, and Schnuppi had to be tied up to the railings outside the front door.

This state of affairs didn’t last long – three hours at the most – before my mum was won over by his heartbreakingly sad eyes and rabbitty back legs. Schnuppi was as stubborn as dachshunds come, and just as loyal. He was not a yapper, but when he did decide to voice his excitement, his bark was sonorous, low pitched and slightly husky.

A pampered family pet, he lived to the ripe old age of 15 and was buried in the very centre of his kingdom that was my grandparents’ garden, beneath a voluptuous spruce.

You never laughed at me, even when they stuck me in the  most ridiculous outfits

Aw, my precious friend…you never took the piss, not even when they wrangled me into the most ridiculous outfits

hough your back may have been turned, you were looking out for me as I plodded wonkily through the garden, toppling over and grazing my knees every five stepsI

Though your back may have been turned, you were looking out for me as I plodded wonkily through the garden, toppling over and grazing my knees every five steps

I shared my toys with you, and what a good sport you were :)

I shared my toys with you, and what a good sport you were 🙂

Do you have any fond memories of a beloved childhood pet?

[I have posted a bunch of embarrassing childhood pictures before, here they are, if you want to see them]

21 thoughts on “70’s Flashbacks: Meet My Best Friend. Ever.

  1. TBM

    Ah, Snoopy. How American. I had a bird that was yellow when I was a kid. I named him, can you guess, yup: Tweetie. As far as a favorite childhood pet, my dog who was blind. The sweetest dog in the world and well adapted for the most part. I learned a lot from him.


  2. expatsincebirth

    A nice story, thanks for sharing it. I also had a dog (two, but one after the other) and I have fond memories of them. I don’t have many pictures of them, as we didn’t used to take many at that time. – Do you have a dog now? I’m thinking about getting one, also because I want my children to have a pet and memories like you describe here.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      My parents took loads of pictures 🙂
      I’m actually more of a cat person, so if I ever had a pet again, it would be a cat. I’m on the move a lot, with nobody to look after a pet in the meantime, so I don’t think that’s an option for me.
      I’m sure your kids would absolutely love a dog!


      1. expatsincebirth

        We will probably not move that much in the next years but we travel a lot, mainly by car and in Europe (long drives though…) and getting a dog will change a lot in our lives, but I think it’s worth it. Especially for our kids it will be great.


  3. The Polyglut

    It’s funny how we often value our pets more so than our friends. I dread to think what the girl on the right must have done, but rest assured that I now look at her with prejudice-tinted glasses.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      You know, I don’t even remember what exactly happened, but it wasn’t a one-off falling-out event, but more of a long-term ailing dynamic, and things had to come to a head eventually.
      I do, however, still have friends I get on well with from that time 🙂


  4. northern_star

    Oh, bless him! What a pal. Even loved you in the pixie outfit.

    Mad Westie, called Kerry, that barked like a fool at men in hats.



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