Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Play – A Fabulous Playground

On our recent trip to Lake Starnberg, my mum and I came across this really cool kids’ playground. Perfect, I thought, for Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme, which, for this week, is PLAY 🙂




Well, you can’t play all day, so we sat down to relax to this gorgeous view stretching across the lake to the Alps:

...and then this appeared! Magic :)

…and then this appeared! Magic 🙂 Cherry streusel and PROPER whipped cream (not that watery stuff out of a can), if anyone’s interested in the specifics.

For some lovely and relaxing pictures of Lake Starnberg, take a look at this post.

19 thoughts on “Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Play – A Fabulous Playground

  1. pollyheath

    Nom nom nom. I love real whipped cream. I clearly chose the wrong country – nothing looks as nice in Russia as in Germany!


      1. Anna

        While I am opposed, on principle, to beer dilution, I am intrigued by this concoction’s refreshing promise.


      2. Anna

        I’ve never even HEARD of it, in any language. When you first used the term, I presumed it was some local variety of cider. I didnt know there are drinks of diluted beer, unless it’s diluted with vodka.


  2. L. Palmer

    We have a playground in the local area with a giant ship made out of cement, but that ship/playground seems awesome too. When I was a kid there was also a playground with the frame of a plan. My sisters and I had many sky-flying adventures there.



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