Bavarian Lake Excursion: Kochel-Am-See

My brother, my mum and I went on another excursion last month, this time to Kochel-Am-See, located on the shores of yet another beautiful Bavarian lake, the Kochelsee.

The Blacksmith of Kochel - I've always loved this statue.

The ‘Blacksmith of Kochel’ oversees the town centre – I’ve always loved this statue. Though I’d never noticed before just how big his feet are…!

Kochelsee Boothaus


Lake View




The dogs are having fun too :)

The dogs were having fun too 🙂


A duck siesta


Here are a couple of traditional Bavarian farmhouses:


BauernhäuserAnd, to finish off a great day out, only one more thing was needed:

There was ice cream involved... OF COURSE!

Looking at these photos brought it home to me that the summer is about to end…

25 thoughts on “Bavarian Lake Excursion: Kochel-Am-See

      1. ruthincolorado

        I saw that! I checked their weather yesterday. I’ll be coming from Reykjavic where the temps are in the 40s and 50s, so packing will be a challenge. Sandals and raingear and hiking socks and…


  1. restlessjo

    I’m guessing it must get cold in Toledo but I absolutely refuse to discuss a change in the weather for at least 3 more weeks. We’ll be having pretty pink leaves quite soon enough, thanks. But I AM happy to talk about those happy dogs. Are they yours? They look genuinely pleased with life. 🙂


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