Street Snaps: The Expectant Bride

I’m starting a new theme,  and I’m hoping for some participation in the name of photo fun 🙂

It’s like this: I’ve always really enjoyed other people’s ‘street photography’, i.e. shots taken at the spur of the moment, when an unexpected situation or sight presents itself in a public space.

I’m only just starting to try my own hand at this, and, I must admit, I’m still feeling a bit inhibited. I’m not fast enough for starters… by the time I dither over whether something might be worthwhile snapping at or not, the moment has usually passed. Also, I don’t want to make innocent punters feel uncomfortable by aiming my camera at them at point blank range. Lucky for me, though, there are so many tourists milling about in Toledo that it’s quite easy for me to get away with my hapless attempts of paparazzying (look, I’ve made a new verb!). I think I just need more practice.

So, I’d be most delighted if you joined in! The scope is endless: kids fooling about in a cul-de-sac, someone parading down the pavement in a hideous/dashingly stylish outfit, a street performer up to his tricks, people sitting outside a cafe, oblivious to their dogs getting up to no good… whatever you happen to stumble across that inspires you in some way.

It doesn’t need to be anything spectacular – people going about their daily life, if captured at the right moment, can make for an intriguing image. Nor does it necessarily have to be focused entirely on people – a quirky market stall display or an outrageously decorated shop window can make for good entertainment value. And that’s what it’s all about!

To give a couple of examples, my blog buddy Anna posted this picture last week – the first appearance of a fur clad lady in Moscow – a sure sign that winter is coming. I managed to snap this gorgeous Spanish lady on her motorbike, just in the nick of time. My (real-life) friend Lazooligirl in London took this picture of a shop window mannequin wearing a most bizarre frock, with these eccentrically besunglassed ladies passing by just at the right moment.

Needless to say, the quality of the image is irrelevant – pics will be taken on the move, with a crappy phone camera and surreptitiously… sometimes they will speak for themselves, sometimes the context or a caption will imbue them with relevance and/or hilarity.

Without further a do, I’m kicking off with this pic, taken on Sunday near Toledo’s main square, El Zocodover:


“Bread, sandwiches, ice cream, crisps, fizzy drinks…it’s been six months of no CARBS!!!!!…. only a few more hours sealed into this airtight contraption, then you’re all MINE!!!”

I’m planning on posting under the Street Snaps theme on a weekly basis, provided that I can find the material. To play along, post your entry on any day of the week, just as you would a normal post, and then leave me a comment on my last/current Street Snaps entry, providing the link to your post. Simples!

Any takers…?


24 thoughts on “Street Snaps: The Expectant Bride

  1. Anna

    Whoo-hoo! In Moscow you have to be SUPER-stealthy. I have no idea how Polly managed to take those Auchan pix w/o getting kicked out. But I’ll try 🙂 The whole reason I am even able to take street snaps is bc SOMEBODY nagged me into taking my came with me every day 😉


  2. gina4star

    Oooh I love this idea! I thought I had the perfect photo to share as well, but I can’t find it! Waah! It was an elderly lady on the Mexico City metro with a tree. An actual TREE under her arm, haha. If it ever turns up I’ll be sure to share, if not I’m definitely on the lookout now! Love your pic of the bride lovingly looking at the fast food! 🙂


      1. gina4star

        I know… I’m scared I deleted it, I took it on my mobile, and I’m not one for regularly updating or offloading my files… hmm… I’m sure I’ll see other such sights though and will try to be prepared! 🙂


  3. TBM

    I love the photo. Where’s her partner by the way? On a beer run? I’ll keep my eyes open in London. I live in a part that doesn’t have any tourists anymore so I have to be careful.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      No, he was very close by, I think he was talking to the driver at the time. I took a few of them together, but they didn’t turn out well, and that one had more of a ‘story’, so to speak 😉


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        It’s hard to plan… the best stuff comes up when you least expect it. Key is to have a camera at hand and to get it into position quickly. I struggle with the latter 😉


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Yes, yes, there is!!! I can’t wait 🙂
      I missed out on a really good one today, arhgh. Another bride, believe it or not! There she was, tottering by in a ra-ra-meringue abomination…priceless! But I was on the bus, and the bus was moving too fast 😦


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