Street Snaps: Fashion Faux Pas & Famous Musicians

So, yesterday, on a quest for my new Street Snaps project, I went stalking about the streets of Toledo armed with my wee camera. I was a bit apprehensive… taking pictures of people surreptitiously is a tad daunting. However, Toledo’s old town, where I live, is very touristy, with throngs of people from all over the world pointing their gadgets at everything, whether it stands still or moves. I was but a tiny fish in a great big shoal of snappers.

Woman and dog

As you can see, I was in good company… this one’s clearly a pro, fully equipped with a K-9 mobile unit in camouflage gear covering her back!

Middle aged couples’ clothes choices are often intriguing… in the 80’s, these two would probably have worn matching his ‘n’ hers outfits, but nowadays, they’re going for the full-on colour clash:

Clash couple

Colour Clash 2Well, it’s certainly a clever strategy if you don’t want to lose each other in a crowd…

And now onto the next delicate fashion issue that is (a certain kind of) Latin American Woman. Spain has a lot of residents originating from that part of the world, and they tend to be attired in a very particular way. It seems that the main objective, when getting dressed in the morning, is to squeeze their squat, waistless and rather ample bodies into the tightest sausage skin clothes they can find, while, at the same time, showing as much skin as possible.

As luck would have it, I found the perfect specimen yesterday:

And there's a clue in the picture as to how she's maintaining her physique. The dark roots after her 'blonde' experiment - a classic!

And there’s even a clue as to how she’s maintaining her vatwalk physique. She’s also just coming to the end of her ‘blonde’ experiment there – a total classic!

To give you a chance to recover from all of these style sins, I’ve got just the thing for you:

Ana AlcaideThis is the beautiful Ana Alcaide, one of Toledo’s treasures, out busking by the cathedral. She’s playing a traditional Swedish instrument called the nyckelharpa. Ana is quite a famous musician, and always draws a good crowd. You can put her name into YouTube if you want to know what her performances sound like.

40 thoughts on “Street Snaps: Fashion Faux Pas & Famous Musicians

  1. Anna

    This is all kinds of hilarious – gives a new meaning to the ‘street style blog.’

    I have been down with the plague for a week, not leaving the house till this morning, when I walked my sister’s dog. No camera, obvs. So of course I see something ‘street snaps’-worthy: a guy in a black business suit carrying a backpack with two huge, yellow swim-fins attached to it . Perfect! It was starting to rain, too, so my first thought was, “at least he’s prepared if it rains REALLY hard…”


      1. Expat Eye

        I saw a real humdinger today but I just couldn’t take a photo! It was in a clothes shop and just too obvious 😦

        But for mental imagery, she was wearing a hot pink leopard print jacket that stopped just below her boobs, with matching skinny jeans and a gold belt. And crazy high heels. Oh, and she was about 50…


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        LOL! What a shame about no photo… but sometimes you just can’t do it. I spotted an Irish family yesterday, they were to die for… oh my… him with a big beer gut in a red and white striped football shirt, her the size of a house with a green tent top and her boobs hanging out, pushing a pram. I did take a pic, but it didn’t turn out 😦


      3. ladyofthecakes Post author

        And there was this middle aged German woman (another one, besides me), in a dress that was the epitome of 70’s(!) dowdiness. Couldn’t take a shot, though. Anyway, rich pickings out there on the streets… and for every four possible photo opps, one tends to work out.
        Am waiting for some more on Latvian style! Get out there, woman. That perfectly assembled bedside cabinet can hold your attention only for so long, surely!


  2. Anna

    Oh gosh, I just got past the story about the crazy roommate who tried to pimp you out to her 50yo friend. I didnt even have words for a comment. I am going back and forth between EE and LOTK, and EE has a lot more words to your pretty pictures! Reading – it’s for the motivated ones!



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