Street Snaps: Shopping For Undies

Besides looking a tad uncomfortable and itchy, I’m not convinced they would produce quite the same effect on my behind…

Pink PantsButt things could be a lot worse… at least I’m not quite ready yet for one of these:

A tent would be cheaper!!!

A tent would be cheaper!!!

Pics taken last Tuesday at Toledo’s weekly market. In Spain, these markets (“mercadillos”) are where people buy all sorts of day-to-day stuff  – underwear, socks, pots and pans, T-shirts, bags, shoes, snacks, hamsters, you name it. They tend to be cheaper than the shops.

18 thoughts on “Street Snaps: Shopping For Undies

  1. Anna

    No way. No WAY that is the right price. Moscow used to have a ton of mercadillos, and there are still a few left, that didnt get absorbed into the ubiquitous shopping malls. Anyway, if you decide you want that…garment…I am sure I can procure it here at a fraction of the cost.

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  2. Expat Eye

    Did you get some funny looks as you crouched trying to get that POV for the first shot?! When it popped up in my reader, I thought I must have followed some ‘dirty’ site by accident – and then it was revealed to be you 😉 Just full of surprises aren’t you!


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Those dolly parts were truly mesmerising…

      No idea. The bloody cheek of it was (can’t resist a pun, me) that they were charging €5 for a photograph. I pretended not to understand and didn’t pay. A fiver for a shot at big pants?! Are they nuts??? I don’t mind dropping one or two Euros into the collection box of a street performer who I’m photographing, that’s only fair.



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