Fireworks And Champus: It’s The Blog’s First Birthday

After a procrastination phase of about three years, this blog burst into existence one year ago today. It required a severe dose of bullying midwifing by a blog addict friend (you know who you are!) brandishing an immovable deadline, which happened to be 23 September 2012.

The blog was meant to provide a ‘creative’ counterbalance to my work life. Most of you will probably know that I write food industry related articles for a living. Just a couple of weeks ago, I made editor’s pick on I can tell you’re all quaking in awe. Yes, ladies and gents, every wanna-be butcher on the planet has a piece of mine stuck to the inside of his locker.

A blog, I thought, would give me an outlet to write about things other than food. As it turns out, I blog a lot about food. You just can’t sideline an obsession. Some people don’t like food. I’ve encountered two such mutants in my lifetime (probably more, but I didn’t know that about them). I’m sorry, but if this applies to you, we can’t ever be friends. If you have aberrant culinary preferences that don’t coincide with mine, well, I’m willing to talk about it. Not promising anything, though.

As a virgin blogger, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. And one thing I didn’t see coming was that I’d enjoy taking photos. In the past, I’d never even been remotely interested in squinting into a gadget, but seeing that I find blogs totally devoid of pictures a bit dull, there was no way round it.Β At the very least, an image breaks up the text nicely, it gives the mind a brief moment of respite before tackling the next paragraph. Not wanting to filch all my images off the interwebs, I bought a cheap digital camera.

It was a reluctant purchase, but I knew all would be well as soon as the package arrived. My new toy had been sent to me, coincidentally, by a company in Bavaria, not far from my place of birth. Whoever packed it, had tossed a handful of chocolate sweeties into the box. I was delighted. These people knew my soul! At the risk of sounding sexist, I think the addition of chocolate should be standard procedure for every technical utensil dispatched to a female customer. Especially if the item is battery operated.

Anyway, photos were meant to illustrate and lighten up the text, nothing more. If you’ve been following my blog for longer than a day, you’ll have realised that the photos have totally taken over. Now it’s the words that accompany the photos, rather than the other way around.

There’s some seriously brill photo blogs out there, run by people with technique, filters, tripods and zoom lenses capable of making out mating microbes on Pluto. This isn’t one of these blogs. This is the home of fuzzy, grainy, wobbly and out-of-focus, interspersed with passable flukes.

Trolls were something I was a bit concerned about initially. So far, not a single one has reared its snaggletoothed maws. What popped up instead were a bunch of amusing, clever, interesting people. (By ‘interesting’ I mean just deranged enough to make me feel close to normal.)

So, I guess I might as well stick around for a wee while longer. Thanks for all your views, likes and commentary. Do keep it coming πŸ™‚

A round of celebratory cup cakes for you all from Toledo's poshest patisserie

I was fibbin’ about the champs & firecrackers, but I can stretch to a round of celebratory cup cakes from Toledo’s poshest patisserie

101 thoughts on “Fireworks And Champus: It’s The Blog’s First Birthday

  1. Every Day Adventures in Asia

    Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary!!! (My oh my we are getting creative with these new fangled words like “Blouting” and “Blogiversary”) Delighted you made your debut and keep ’em coming!
    – Signed your ever adoring fans…. (Of course, being bribed by cupcakes also helps. πŸ™‚ )


      1. Anna

        Arent all Germans descendants of some noble Holy Roman knight of something? You guys had about 5432 kingdoms and duchies pre-unification, one per person?


  2. Anna

    Congratulations!!! Your blog is fantastic and I cant wait for more posts, esp on your delicious favorite subject.

    Your photos are gorgeous – I am jealous on a regular basis. They just pop! As I said before, your blog should be a Toledo almanac. Incidentally you’re also a great advertisement for Bavaria and you did it again here – how cute is a tech company that sends you yummies with your purchase? You can keep the chocolates though – I’ll take a beer πŸ™‚

    So, your bullying behavior has been explained now. You get bullied into blogging, then turn around and bully someone else into regular blogging/picture-taking. I guess I know who to blame now [side-eye Star…].

    I also feel kind of ok now about only taking a year and three months to start my blog. Procrastinators of the world – unite! Tomorrow. πŸ˜€


  3. restlessjo

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to… that’s twice today I’ve sung on a blog. This is becoming unhealthy! I’m a year ahead of you and still enjoying it. I feel a bit the same in that I’ve gone from chat with the odd photo to verging on photo blog (with the same degree of haphazardness) Who wants to be an expert? How boring to look down the viewfinder and know that the image you produce will be exactly what you see- fat chance!
    Speaking of fat, I didn’t know that was what you did for a living πŸ™‚


      1. Anna

        Furless amateurs. Rabbit fur is super soft and not itchy. However, it sheds a lot and only lasts about 5-6 years. HOWEVER, it is cheap and is dyed easily, making it a great material for all sorts of brightly colored fur coats, jackets, vests and bags.


  4. Debbie

    Congratulations on your blog birthday, and on the meat thingy! I always enjoy your blog, words and photos. Cakes, Don Quixote and beautiful Toledo, what more can you ask for?


      1. Debbie

        I think I spent more on my camera! But then I didn’t get any chocolates with mine 😦 However, mine are hit and miss too, It has been so sunny this summer that I haven’t been able to see anything on the camera screen (oh for an old-fashioned viewfinder) so I just point and hope. I suppose I won’t have that excuse with winter fast approaching, though I am seriously contemplating a photography course – in Paris!


  5. gina4star

    Wow, congratulations Lady! I love your blog and I’m glad you’ll be sticking around! You’re one of my go-to blogs and I don’t know what I’d do if you took away your cakes! Happy 1 year blog! πŸ™‚ x


  6. TBM

    Wow, a year already. Congrats. I’m trying to think if I know anyone who doesn’t like food and the only person I can think of is me. Let me explain! When I was really sick with Graves I was always starving. Seriously I was eating at least 8-10 meals a day and it didn’t help, I was still starving. And I was still losing weight–too much weight. Super scary weight loss and before they figured out what was wrong with me they were running tons of tests on me to see if I had cancer. Some of the tests they put me through was frightening. It was a terrifying time and I hated food. Of course I really think I hated my body and what it was doing to me and I took it out on the food. However, once the doctors figured out what was wrong and I didn’t have to eat so much I started to love food again. Food and I are best friends again. Still hate veggies though.


      1. TBM

        Now I can laugh about it. Once the better half and I shared a pizza. I didn’t realize at the time the the better half only had one slice. I ate the rest and it was a large. That was when the medicine had worked but I still had a large appetite. Not starving but just ate a lot. And the pizza was good with lots of hot sauce. That’s when I knew I liked food again. What a relief! Just be careful if we share a meal–I’m not a good sharer.


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I’m getting better at it, Spain is very much a shared-meal culture. Desserts are the biggest hurdle. “Get your fucking spoon out of my cake!!!!” my mind screams, while my face just smiles. In rigor mortis fashion.


      3. TBM

        Why do servers insist on bringing more than one spoon. I ordered the dessert for me. Luckily the better half isn’t a sweet fan. But when other people are around I get my spoon, fork, and knife ready for battle!


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