Sunday Sunsets: Views from El Parador De Toledo

The Parador Hotels (“Los Paradores De Turismo De España”) are a chain of luxury hotels dotted all over Spain. Toledo has one, of course!

It has a lovely terrace where you can enjoy a meal or a drink and watch the sunset. And that’s just what we did a couple of weeks ago.

Toledo Alcazar SunsetParador umbrella

My friend Sara

My friend Sara

Parador lamp

Toledo at sunset

Parador sunset

38 thoughts on “Sunday Sunsets: Views from El Parador De Toledo

      1. Anna

        Polly eats Krispy Kremes instead of ‘ponchiki’ in Moscow. Blasphemy. That girl and I are gonna have WORDS. (my god, I am picking fights with EVERYONE today!)


      2. Anna

        Hm. I guess the American in me would just bomb everyone into oblivion first, ask questions later (ok I need to stop now. WHAT IS IT with me today?)


      3. Anna

        Actually no freelance stuff this w/e, and two days of riding, but my dear sis called my gallop (she came w me today to observe) ‘weak, wobbly and your ass looks humungous while you’re doing it’ and my blog ‘a well-executed mediocrity.’ So I am taking it out on you people 🙂


      4. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Oh my, one can always rely on family to dole out harsh critiques!
        I dunno about your gallop, but nothing wrong with yer blog. Except perhaps for posting frequency. But you’ve been getting better lately 😉


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