This Cat Sure Knows How To Pose!

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend, who makes a regular appearance as “Northern Star” in this blog’s comments section, sent me this hilarious link, which some of you have already seen:

I’ve no idea how long it must have taken the author to put this masterpiece together – it totally had me in stitches. (My faves are no.10 and no.13).

Now, this made me think of my friend Bev’s outrageously photogenic cat. He’s called Leo, and he’s a total pro, just look at him(!):

A hard day at work at the office

A hard day at the office. For some. Not so much for Leo, artfully sprawling himself across the desk. Those legs go on forever! And I think he’s pouting…!


No contest really, is there?!


King of the fruit bowl. Who the hell eats fruit anyway?

Perfect paw position! Just missing the hat...

Paw in perfect modesty position! Just missing a hat…

See what I mean...?

See what I mean…?

Now, before anyone starts giving me stick for googling dodgy stuff on the interwebs, I’d just like to point out that I’m not alone. Proof comes in the form of Lola, “Northern Star’s” little black cat, caught red-pawed on the dining room table:

Now if that isn't the look of abject guilt!

Now if that isn’t the look of abject guilt!

Nice try, Leo,

Nice try there with the bedroom eyes, Leo, but don’t get your hopes up… Lola clearly has a thing for raaawwwrrrrrrly brawny stripers!

Should Leo have his own blog? I think so!!

[Want more cat pictures?ย Click here]

40 thoughts on “This Cat Sure Knows How To Pose!

      1. Anna

        I see a couple. The first is my location. The second is the location of the dude in the hat. It does not correspond with my location.


  1. TBM

    Love the paw placement. Att loves to sit in front of the TV to groom himself, including certain areas. Drives me batty. And he always knows when it’s match point when we are watching tennis. I never see the last point!


  2. gina4star

    mmmmmgh!!!! (the cats) I love these posy cat photos, sooooo cute and waaaay cuter than the nude (so glad I didn’t see this at work haha!) and semi nude dudes. Cats make me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚



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