The Weekly Don Quixote: An Ill-Fated Revenge Attempt

He’s still chomping on those Templars…


SanchoP: Maybe you should have waited for them to take their boots off before biting their ankles.

DonQ: Cang thou thee my thooth..?

SanchoP: Hmmm… may have slipped way back down your gullet… along with your pride and your dignity…

DonQ: Awrh, bollockth!

[To see the rest of the Weekly Don Quixote series and his long-standing feud with the Templar Knights, click here]

24 thoughts on “The Weekly Don Quixote: An Ill-Fated Revenge Attempt

      1. Expat Eye

        Once I get these things out of my system, I’m fine! Was angry and sad for a week thinking about it and how to put it, but now I’m all light and airy again! 😉


      1. TBM

        Don’t tell Att I said this, but there’s this little girl cat in the new hood that’s bullying him. the girl looks mean! I have to keep saving him. But, shhhh, I didn’t tell you.


      2. TBM

        That’s another word I had to get used to. People here use that when referring to a cat. And I can’t say the word fanny. Like, “Where should I sit my fanny?” In the States that means where should I sit. Here, well, you know.


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