Street Snaps: The Hideous Tops Special

Saturday afternoon, when I was out on my weekly Street Snaps mission, was beautifully warm and sunny. People got into position…

...for a spot of sunbathing...

…for a spot of sunbathing…

...and to take pics

…and to take pics from all humanly possible angles

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of it. Ahem. Over there past few months of stalking about the streets of Toledo, one “fashion” phenomenon was particularly hard to miss: The prevalence of ghastly patterned tops, primarily (but not exclusively) worn by middle aged and older women.

I’m neither an advocate of dull clothes nor of sombre solid colours, but surely, there is a line between cheerful and garish…? Evidently not.

Some of the pics are a bit blurry, but you’ll get the idea…


Did anyone call Spiderwoman…?
Those fridge magnets will make a splendid addition to your (no doubt very tastefully decorated) home.

Top 3

OK… although you have almost the same dimensions as a church window, the stained glass effect isn’t nearly as flattering on you.

Top 5

If you look at it for long enough, this thing actually stares back at you… scary!


Madam, if I may give you some spiritual advice…less looking at saints, more looking at yourself… IN THE MIRROR!

tops 2

Yeah, I can see how hard you’re working it, ladies, but it’s just NOT WORKING!

Top 6

Perfect outfit! …for target practice.

Top 7

I remember we had bed sheets like that… IN THE SEVENTIES!

You’ve probably had enough of this by now. And I don’t blame you!

As usual, I’m finishing off with cute dogs. Of course, they are also decked out in tops for the occasion 😉

Dogs in tops

…and even pants!

Oh no, his ear's been chewed off :(

Poor poppet, someone’s chewed off his ear 😦

[To view the Street Snaps series, click here.]

46 thoughts on “Street Snaps: The Hideous Tops Special

  1. pollyheath

    Sure, those colored tops are fabulous, but that first picture is pretty terrifying. Not sure which is scarier, the dogs or the clothes.


    1. Anna

      Actually I just realized what offends me the most in those photos: the fact that this is how the Russians dress in JULY! Ugh. I am already suffering from seasonal depression…


  2. suej

    Loud, eh? But think on, at least they aren’t waddling around showing off their midriffs…. That’s my pet hate, who wants to see other people’s stomachs in the street?


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Luckily enough, that’s not the fashion anymore. The late 90’s were particularly bad for that, as far as I remember. Only 0.5% of people look good with their midriffs on display, sadly, even if they are not technically overweight. We can’t all be Andrej Pejic, I guess 😉


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Uhm… well… you never know 😉
      Toledo old town is like a theme park, with hundreds of tourists angling their cameras at anything and everything. The perfect cover! So far, nobody’s clouted me.


  3. bevchen

    Was the spiderman woman late for Halloween?

    I saw a woman wearing zebra print trousers today! She would have been perfect dor this series, but I didn’t have my camera on me. Anyway, I’m too afraid of German privacy laws to take any photos…


  4. Expat Eye

    Ah, I needed that! You do get an awful lot of tank-sized ladies in Toledo, don’t you??
    She was far scarier than Spiderman. She could just sit on you. And what was the girl in the first pic DOING??


  5. gina4star

    Goodness me. There are no words. The girl lying on the steps makes me laugh, I just… I don’t… I can’t… I DON’T GET IT!!! And what, even the poor dogs in Toledo can’t escape the ghastliness! Bless.


  6. Lynda

    Whoa! Were they all in one place or spread out over the city? 😉
    Uh-oh! Guilty with the little dog togs on my Tucker. Hey, he’s gotta stay warm now doesn’t he?


  7. linnetmoss

    Spiderwoman exerts a strange fascination over me. I had to go back and view her hideousness a number of times. It looks like little giraffes or maybe dinosaurs are caught in the web!



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