I Know I’m In Spain When… It’s Muzzle For Dinner

Been meaning to take this snap for ages, but there’s always a queue at this butcher’s. Today I got lucky.

What do you make with those...?  Roast Sniff? Snout au vin? Snot pot?

What do you make with those…?
Roast Sniff?
Snout Au Vin?
Snot Pot?
Muzzle Moussaka?
Nostrils Napolitana?



95 thoughts on “I Know I’m In Spain When… It’s Muzzle For Dinner

  1. suej

    Love it! Quirky, fun, get’s people talking (if only to say ‘bleurgh’. In the past, people would have cooked any part of an animal. BTW, I really can’t stomach tripe, but I love offal etc….


      1. suej

        It’s the texture, and on occasions the smell!! Just get me some frog’s legs, snails, veal kidneys…. Or what about pig’s cheeks?? 馃槈


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        People are weird about these things. Especially Brits and Americans. If it’s not chicken/turkey, beef, pork or lamb, and a very limited range of parts of those, it’s “disgusting”.


      3. suej

        You are quite right! I am English, but old fashioned English, brought up eating a wide variety of different foods, and expected to eat whatever was on your plate! Plus my mum discovered the books of Elizabeth David in the late 60s, so we ate all kinds of wonderful stuff!


      4. Anna

        Cow’s tongue is almost a staple dish in Russia. I had never tried it though (even tho my fam always had it for all the big gatherings) – it looked, um, unappetizing.


  2. Kim G

    Those would make really amusing slippers, perhaps as a prop in a comedy sketch. LOL… Or epaulets for Lada Gaga’s meat dress. But they might not pass the smell test.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’re thinking, “Snout, the new white meat.”


      1. linnetmoss

        All that remains to make my happiness complete is for you to bake a lovely and large penis-shaped cake. Any flavor will do, but it should contain a luscious creamy filling. Don’t forget to take photos. That way we can have our鈥hhm鈥 confection and eat it too;-)


  3. barbedwords

    Yuk. Yuk. Yuk. As with most Brits, I’m definitely a total hypocrite when it comes to meat – chicken and (normal) bits of pork or beef good, everything else bad. I’m going to dinner at an Italian friend’s house tomorrow and I’ve just texted her to let her know I don’t eat veal or rabbit (both dished up at previous dinners) but now I’ll have to send her a picture of these with a NO WAY message!!



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