Toledo’s Autumn Glow

This week’s entry for travelwithintent’s Look Up Look Down photo challenge heralds from Toledo once again. (I don’t get out much.) I took this pic looking down one of its many steeply inclined narrow little streets.

ToledoAnd of course, there’s street lamps 🙂

26 thoughts on “Toledo’s Autumn Glow

      1. Expat Eye

        Wine I’ve got. For some reason, I never forget to buy that 😉 Will have to do without cake for this evening – can’t be arsed going to buy any! I’ve got bangers and mash though 😉


  1. Zyriacus

    Very comforting picture indeed. Especially because here since days the sky is grey, temp just above freezing and off and on a little drizzle or rain. No envy, however, instead enjoing nice cuddling on the sofa or one (or more) cups of Glühwein at the Christmas market.


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