Which Way? There Once Was A Bridge… And Some Pretty Cakes…

For Cee’s Which Way photo challenge this week, I’m offering up the remnants of a bridge that once led across the river Tagus in Toledo.


The black specks on the ruins are cormorants sunbathing

I took the pic above on Tuesday, which was a special treat day for me, enjoyed in the lovely company of Debbie from travelwithintent, who came up to spend the day in Toledo.

To my great delight, I was amply compensated for my hap-hazard tour guiding services:

CakesThree guesses as to Which Way these delectable little beauties went…!

Let’s just say they’ve a lot in common with the bridge… only remnants remain.

34 thoughts on “Which Way? There Once Was A Bridge… And Some Pretty Cakes…

  1. Debbie

    Great shot, it worked really well. I didn’t find your guiding haphazard at all – it was amazing how much we covered in a few hours. Thanks again for a great day and I’m glad the treats went down well. Debbie


  2. linnetmoss

    Stunning photo. I especially like the cormorants. It gives you a sense of how huge those rocks are. I’m envious of the cupcakes. I ate the traditional pumpkin pie today, but would rather have chowed on a nice little buttercream-frosted number…


  3. barbedwords

    Lovely pics, looks nice and sunny. I’m impressed you stopped long enough to take a pictures of the cupcakes before chowing down – goodies from Waitrose are the crème de la crème of ex-pat treats!



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