Madrid Murals: Freaky Flies And Perky Prick

During the outing to Madrid last week (where we ate all that sushi), I came across some graffiti wall art:


A viking elephant… my flash seems to have given him red eye. The flies are making me feel all itchy…

Note the "Fuck the police" and "Eurovegas No" additions

Note the “Fuck the police” and “Euro Vegas No” additions

The “Euro Vegas” project, which was meant to create a massive gambling resort just outside Madrid, has been hugely controversial. Incidentally, it was reported yesterday that the whole thing had now been cancelled. See this BBC business news article for details.

With regards to the police comment, in mid-November, Spain introduced new legislation, which stipulates extortionate fines for insulting police officers and also the, uhm, Spanish flag. This has created a tremendous uproar, as these laws are seen as a hostile attempt to curb the growing number of (overwhelmingly peaceful) street demonstrations against the government’s ineffectual economic policies.

OK, I won’t bore you any longer with politics. I realise that you only clicked on the post to gawp at this one:


A radioactive codger… best not to get too close…

I dunno what this is… but it sure is colourful 🙂

That bird is far too puny to finish off the ghastly worm, and that lady has a rather hairy stalk.

24 thoughts on “Madrid Murals: Freaky Flies And Perky Prick

  1. archecotech

    Where I live in Kazan, Russia the city actually pays the artists to paint graffiti on the buildings, especially the older ones. By the way creating the Euro Vegas thing only brings crime. I grew up part of my life in Las Vegas and watched it grow bigger and bigger which in turn brought bigger problems. It’s not worth it except for those who get rich in the process. Great post.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I believe the same is true for Madrid, re. sponsored graffiti, but I’m not entirely sure how it works. Love the concept, though.

      In the media reports, the Catholic Church is being “blamed” for making the Euro Vegas project fail. With youth unemployment at nearly 60%, they are desperate to create jobs, but, I agree with you – how is this going to ‘generate’ wealth? Besides catering for rich people, it only serves to pull money out of the pockets of those who can least afford it, channelling it into those of the super-rich. To my mind, those few hundred jobs would have been paid for very dearly…


      1. archecotech

        Oh it will create jobs, but what comes with it isn’t worth it. Vegas looks like a third world country now.
        The work class people suffer at the hands of the rich. Personally the root cause is greed and a lack of moral compass. But then it’s only my opinion.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Never been there… doesn’t attract me at all. I think I’d even rather stumble about the Russian wilderness with Anna! Talking of which, where is she? Not even a headline like that gets her attention?? There must be something serious afoot.



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