Key West – Explosion Of Colours

So, early last Thursday morning, I set off on my annual pilgrimage to Key Wes (Florida), a balmy island 90 miles off Cuba. I’ll be here for almost a month, lounging around on my friends’ houseboat. Here’s my first rash of photos 🙂

Pelican in Key West Harbour

Pelican waiting for some tasty scraps to be tossed into Key West Harbour

The hallmark of Key West is its colourfulness, which, although a bit brash at times, accounts for much of the tiny island’s charm.

Key West Colour

Beautiful flowers grace people’s front gardens:

Trop Plants

Flower 2Flower 3

Orchids are a common sight

Orchids are a common sight

White and purple orchids


Even the cats have strikingly coloured eyes!

Key West is a prime Cruise ship destination

Cruise ship

The seabirds remain unimpressed...

The local seabirds remain unimpressed…

56 thoughts on “Key West – Explosion Of Colours

  1. Debbie

    Oh, you’re really making me jealous now. It is frrrreezing here this morning. I love the pelican shot with its shimmery reflection. Enjoy your month of relaxation.


  2. Jackie Cangro

    It’s been many years since I’ve been to Key West and it remains one of my favorite places to visit. A whole month…lucky you! I can’t wait to get reacquainted with the island through your photos.
    Now, if you’re looking for snacks (and come on, who isn’t) don’t forget to try the key lime pie — dipped in chocolate. 🙂


  3. Andean

    The flowers are gorgeous!

    The fish in the Key’s is soo good. So are the breakfast places. And the weather… ok I would trade places– it’s freezing here and 100 degrees sounds just about perfect.


  4. Lynda

    I didn’t think I was away from my computer for very long, not that long anyway, and suddenly you have shifted locations from Lisbon to Key West? Loving all your photographs and commentary! 😀



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