Hands Off The ‘Money’!!!

The town of Sintra, located 20km west of Lisbon, is currently hosting an outdoor sculpture exhibition. This piece made me chuckle:


Don’t ask me what this is supposed to represent…the interesting part is to be found at the foot of the construction

Don't Touch

No need to squint… here’s a close-up


…but some sticky-fingered folk aren’t so easily deterred, evidently….

14 thoughts on “Hands Off The ‘Money’!!!

  1. pollyheath

    I’m confused by this sculpture in general. And more specifically — maybe it’s different in person — why people assumed it was money? My first thought wasn’t coins. Not sure what it was, actually, but not that…


  2. Kristin

    Ha, first I was squinting of course… Thanks for the close-up.
    Did the artist put up the sign? Looks like some children did. But maybe that’s so very artsy about it…
    I guess, if you have people stealing your fake coins (and I agree with Polly, they don’t look like coins at all), at least you know your work gets noticed.



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