The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Blue Heaven

On Monday, we went to the place where, according to my friend, they sold the best Key lime pie on the island: Blue Heaven, an open-air restaurant in Key West’s historic Bahama Village.

Blue Heaven

And here’s a prize specimen, winking at me from a shelf in the fridge:

KLP Fridge

Now, we didn’t actually stay and eat our piece of pie on the premises. Instead, we took advantage of the Blue Heaven practice of selling off pies, which didn’t quite hit all the beauty parameters, for a bargain price of US$20.

Aw, just look at it... who wouldn't want to adopt one of those!

Aw, just look at it… a bit squat compared to its supermodel cousin in the fridge,  but who wouldn’t want to adopt one of those!?

They put it in a box for us and we took it home 🙂

KLP sliced

What was the verdict?

In short, my friend was right. This KLP was top notch. I loved the meringue topping, it just works soooo much better than the sickly sweet oozings of cream, which seems to be the prevalent choice of KLP topping.

The filling was fresh, zesty and creamy, but not heavy like pottery clay, as it had been in the last one I sampled. Its only slight shortcoming was that the crust was a tad too thick in places. But considering the amazing experience in terms of taste and texture, I’m more than happy to overlook this 😉

My rating: 4.8 out of 5.

The question is: Will I find an even better one?! The mission continues…

Blue Heaven Showers

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29 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Blue Heaven

  1. Lynda

    Do you think you could make this using a lemon meringue recipe by just subbing out the lemon for lime? (True confession: I have only ever eaten KLP and never tried to make one. )


  2. linnetmoss

    The meringue! That looks fantastic. Agree that desserts here are all too often sickeningly sweet (but I make exception for pecan pie which is no good unless it induces diabetes)


  3. Karolyn Cooper

    I am feeling stupid. I had assumed that this dessert was a lime pie, made with a recipe from the Florida Keys, but I’ve just learned from Wikipedia that a “key lime” is a type of lime, different from the Persian lime and the kaffir lime. So it’s a pie made from key limes. Now that I’ve shared that fact, can I have a slice of pie, please?


  4. June

    4.8 – that’s more like it! Now you’re making me jealous! (Who would envy a 2/5?!) That meringue topping looks fluffy and delicious. Best of luck finding the perfect 5!



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