Key West – A Seafood Paradise

The US is not exactly known for being home to a nation of fish lovers. However, in some coastal regions and on its islands, such as the Florida Keys, fish and seafood dishes are as wildly popular as they are delicious. I took these pictures of some of what I gobbled up in various restaurants:


Blackened black grouper with mashed potatoes, black bean sauce and spinach

Yellowtail snapper

Yellowtail snapper salad with mango salsa

Rooftop cafe

Scallops on sesame rice with edamame beans

Shrimp Green Curry

Shrimp green curry


Ceviche (a marinated fish dish popular across virtually all of Latin America)

Horseradish-encrusted hog fish

Horseradish-encrusted hogfish on a mountain of salad

A crab cake starter

A crab cake starter

Fancy any of these…? 🙂

33 thoughts on “Key West – A Seafood Paradise

  1. suejansons

    All of the dishes look delicious! What a lucky lady to be able to sample all of them! I like a lot of seafood, but I must admit I am picky about some of it. I will try to be more adventurous next time I can get myself some seafood!


  2. catbirdinamerica

    I am one American who is crazy about seafood, all kinds except squid or octopus! Every one of these dishes looks enticing. I would enjoy them all! That first one of the blackened grouper is especially appealing. 🙂 Shrimp green curry and crab cake starter – all the stuff of dreams! 🙂


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I’m missing it, believe me… as I do the cakes/pies!

      Happy to have given you some inspiration… you’ll be loitering at the supermercado fish counter in a couple of hours 😉


  3. Andean

    Were all the dishes as tasty as they look? The Keys have such creative ways of preparing their seafood. I love a mango sauce with snapper.


  4. suej

    That blackened Black Grouper looks good to me….the presentation makes it look like a fish gateau! The rest of the dishes also look good….I’m hungry, now!


  5. June

    Yeh, like I wasn’t already green with envy from the sun, sea, boats, cocks and cakes. These plates look AMAZING! I could dive right in from here. Lucky sod!


  6. Giovannoni Claudine

    Looks tasky indeed, and very nicely decorated… rarely I eat fish, since I prefer the vegetable way of life, but so well presented and with a lot of greens… it’s tenting!
    Have lovely cake’s day 😀 claudine



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