The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Better Than Sex!

Now there’s an offer one can’t possibly refuse…! But did this Key West restaurant live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

Better Than Sex

As evident from above pic, Better Than Sex is strictly an evening affair, rather than a place where you might meet with a pal for an afternoon cuppa with a side of cakey indulgence.

The interior of the place does come up to scratch. It’s all dark and sensual inside; think velvet tones, glinting chandeliers and candles whose lazy flicker barely penetrates the obscurity. (The wait staff must have been selected for their superior night vision.) In short, the whole ambiance puts you in the mood for… dessert.

For any restaurant situated in Key West, a Key lime pie inspired dessert is a mandatory part of the repertoire. Here it is on the menu:

The place is too dark to read a normal menu card, so the menu is provided on a tablet

The place is too dingy for customers to read a standard menu card, so the menu is provided on a tablet

...and here's the description

…and here’s the description

Key Lime Pie

This is how it looked on my plate

The verdict?

Well… believe it or not, this was one of the scarce occasions when I didn’t manage to finish off a dessert! I mean, this sexed-up incarnation of a Key lime pie was pure fluffed-up cream. In fact, the texture was quite similar to clotted cream – a reference, I realise, that will probably only mean something to UK readers.

Flavour and level of tartness hit the spot, but after four mouthfuls I. Could. Not. Go. On.

As for the crust, I’m afraid to say, it was like cardboard – a total let down 😦

My score: 2.5 out of 5. (That half point there is for originality.)

Here are a few more pics of our Better Than Sex evening:

Drinks are served with sugar or caramel sliding down the rim of the glass

Chocolate lava cake. It was the eve of Vicky's birthday, if you're wondering about the tag.

Chocolate lava cake, ready to erupt… (It was the eve of Vicky’s birthday, if you’re wondering about the tag.)

What you see there in the centre is the cheesecake dip meant for dipping those delectable chocolate balls. They were slighly too sweet, but I totally fell for the almond-cinnamon flavour.

What you see there in the centre is the cheesecake dip for those delectable chocolate balls. Though they were slightly too sweet, I totally fell for the almond-cinnamon flavour combo and airy-but-firm texture.

There’s one more post coming up in this series, in which I shall reveal the *perfect 5* Key lime pie 🙂

Missed the other reviews? Here they are:

And if you want to know how my cake obsession started, click here. [Warning – contains hideous photographs of 70’s and 80’s fashion].

53 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Better Than Sex!

  1. suejansons

    Ok, so I have to ask this obvious question……….. Is the birthday dessert meant to look like a phallic symbol? Because that I what it looks like to me…………. LOL
    Better Than Sex looks like a fun place to visit. I would certainly go there to check it out. I may make a point o it next time I go there.


      1. Kim G

        With a name like that? Surely the placement of the ice cream and the wafer is purely random. No presentation standards, no recipe. Chef just does a lot of that “whim” thing. Order it again, and it’ll come out looking like a little ice cream lion or something.

        Or maybe I’m just full of it, LOL.. Saludos.


  2. June

    Half a point for originality – what were the other two points for?! $10.69 for a slice of cake also sounds a bit steep – is that the going rate or were you paying extra for the ambiance?


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      You pay for the “experience”, of course, and seeing as the restaurant doesn’t serve anything but desserts, as a main-meal replacement, so to speak, they need to make their money in some way…


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        In principle, I totally agree with you, of course. If you indulge, it’s got to be worth it, and that means totally enjoyable. Who wants to waste good calories on bad cake?!


  3. Expat Eye

    I’d have given them 5 for sexiness and creativity, 2 for execution 😉 And it seems like you’ve been inspired by this place – I was totally expecting this to be the ‘5’ post – you tease you… 😉


  4. Kim G

    Seems like it’s better than SOME sex, but clearly not better than all sex. Which is another way of saying that there are certain experiences in my past that I’d trade for some of that dessert. Gladly even.

    But those desserts wouldn’t stand a chance against some of the others.

    So I guess this place doesn’t take the cake?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where there are lots of cupcake places springing up. As I imagine there are all over the country these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kim G

      By the way, one of the best desserts that I ever had consisted of dates stuffed with marzipan and served with caramel sauce in a tapas place that’s popular here in Boston. Now THAT dessert was better than a whole lot of sex I’ve had, LOL…. Saludos.


    2. ladyofthecakes Post author

      “Better Than Some Sex” – I like it! I wonder if they have a suggestion box 😉
      Cupcakes… largely overrated.Though there’s some good ones. Especially if they’ve kept it simple. I’m not a fan of excess frosting.


      1. y. prior

        Hi – me again – and just wanted to chime in on that last comment – because did you know that some people say a line in Kenny Chesney’s “Key lime pie” song is referring to oral sex –


      2. prior

        yeah – and funny you should mention hat song because one day it came on and my son was like, Mom – why are you listening to that??? cause I liked the beat and did not really “listen to the words at all” – and then I was like – duh! – it’s just so obvious!!!! yikes –


      3. prior

        well not always so innocent- but these older years have some passive and not paying attention I guess – but when it comes to other areas – feel quite seasoned and alert – and maybe – just maybe – one of those German phrases you explained to us would apply to that needed astuteness:
        ich bin doch nicht blöd!!!


  5. y. prior

    I like how you gave it that bit of point for originality – shows your grace – and well, I was tired of the play on the sexual theme just from this post – and while I am sure it gets some good laughs down there – it just feels like 4th grade humor on steroids.

    anyhow, fantastic photos – the down view of the pie and that last shot – looking down the fork like that – a very cool angle and the clarity and lighting – just a tasty shot.
    have a nice day dear lady of the cakes…..



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