The Key Lime Pie Reviews: The Perfect 5* Pie

Oh boy, I sure got through a lot of Key lime pie in my four weeks in Key West! But it had to be done. After all, I was on a sacred quest for the perfect specimen. And I tracked it down (oh yes!) in a popular beach-side restaurant called Saluté.

And here it is:

Salute Key Lime Pie

Just take a moment to marvel at those perfect proportions…

Salute Key Lime Pie Side

And again, from another angle, coz it’s so pretty…

Now, to some of you who’ve drooled through all my Key lime pie reviews with a careful eye, this specimen may look suspiciously familiar. And you’d be right, we’ve had this one before.

Saluté sources its pies from Blue Heaven, where my friend (see pic below) bought me one of those heavenly creations in its entirety. If you remember, it was sold to us on the cheap for having some minor imperfections. One of its flaws was an uneven crust that was just slightly too thick in places.

As you can see, the slice above was not afflicted by this shortcoming. Or any shortcomings, for that matter. It was absolutely perfect, in appearance as well as in taste and texture.

The purists may feel compelled to sneer that a “proper” Key lime pie ought to have a piped cream topping and not a meringue edifice, but I personally prefer the latter 🙂

My rating: 5 out of 5 🙂

Salute Key Lime Pie Vicky

What a winner 🙂

Our view

Our view from the table…

A big thanks to all of you for cheering me on my torturous mission. I might even do it again someday 😉

Missed the other reviews? Here they are:

And if you want to know how my cake obsession started, click here. [Warning – contains hideous photographs of 70’s and 80’s fashion].

48 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Reviews: The Perfect 5* Pie

  1. suej

    You say what a winner, I say what an edifice! As long as the lime part was nice and tart and zesty, I reckon you got a winner! Oh, and I agree with not too much cream…


  2. Expat Eye

    You, LADY, are horny too long time. You are clearly filling the void in your life with cake instead of children. 🙂 (Troll comment no. 2)

    Good god, that looks amazing by the way!


  3. barbedwords

    Wow! That is pretty impressive! As someone who attempted to make meringue recently with a hand whisk, I’d definitely wouldn’t recommend it without an electric whisk. My meringues would have been ashamed to stand next to that towering beast…


  4. Jackie Cangro

    Yowza! That’s one for the record books! I applaud the chef who was able to make the merengue without it collapsing. And I applaud you for being able to eat it.
    I only hope that on your next quest for the perfect key lime pie, you’ll take me along. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. y. prior

    well I am still going through the archives – slowly – so I can enjoy your past posts – and well this one was my choice for today.

    and oh my – that meringue is HIGH! and the two shots of the piece really allowed us to feel that more – and I still need to try this as I have only had the piped cream topping – so I will keep you posted.

    but another comment I have is in regards to this

    “sold to us on the cheap for having some minor imperfections. One of its flaws was an uneven crust…”

    how cool is that? to get a discount for flaws – and I love when businesses do this because it is just smart – and in this case it led to me feeling better about the company just from your review and note that they do this – it also hints that they “take such pride in their work that they will discount flawed specimens” – and this is just good for branding and all that –

    now, I just wish I could sample some…. ha!

    Liked by 1 person


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