Princess Pugsy – The Star Of Key West

Two years ago, when my friends emigrated to from the UK to the US, Princess Pugsy made her way across the choppy Atlantic on the Queen Mary, because no aircraft carrier would allow her to travel in the only manner befitting her status, namely unsedated and as hand lap luggage.

She was well-received, not just on her new island home, but also when she cropped up in a couple of my blog posts before, so I thought I’d share these:

Pugsy basket

Cosied up at home

Ready to go out

Ready to paint the town red

Breaking the local laws

Breaking the local laws

Mummy's pride and joy

Mummy’s pride and joy

"Helping" Daddy with emails

“Helping” Daddy with emails

Key West is just crazy about dogs. See those übercool doggies I uploaded last month, in case you missed them.

21 thoughts on “Princess Pugsy – The Star Of Key West

  1. Debbie

    So cute! If she was mine I’d have taken her by boat too! Years ago I met a guy whose Yorkies travelled frequently in the cabin on Air France, but I’ve no idea if they still allow that.



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