Silly Sunday: Key West Public Art

Looks like that guy down there is having a ball, chilling and wistfully gazing up at these five frisky frolickers? In fact, one of them looks like she’s about to pay him some very special attention…

He’s got more in common with these buxom beauties than you might have guessed at first glance… he isn’t real either!

And neither is he!

And neither is he!

35 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Key West Public Art

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      “Fake people” are popping up all over Key West… they are on benches with their shopping bags, in front of hotels, on street corners…not sure if it’s an US fashion or just a local idiosyncrasy.


  1. pollyheath

    Ack, we’ve got the same thing near where I’m from which terrified me as a child. I have to admit though, the addition of naked women (clearly all with boob jobs) is an interesting step up from my childhood nightmare!


  2. sandradan1

    We accidentally visited Key West during FantasyFest, basically a live version of that statue! Great fun, lots of naked people, body painting, strutting, total exhibitionism. Not for the faint-hearted. SD



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