My Thursday Treat

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That’s my philosophy, and I’m sticking to it.

On Thursdays, I meet up with my intercambio pal Noelia in a little Moroccan tea house, and café con leche just won’t do. I mean, why have bog-standard coffee when you can have a chocolate-sprinkled pagoda…? And it’s not just what’s on top that matters, but what lurks beneath. Yesterday it was a double shot of amaretto. Sometimes, I go for rum 🙂

Creamy coffee

Gives you a heart attack just looking at it, doesn’t it…?!

50 thoughts on “My Thursday Treat

      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        That’s how it worked for me… didn’t really like coffee until I turned 30, moved to London and discovered Starbucks’s creamy froth concoctions. That seems like such a long time ago… nowadays Starbucks is just naff 😉


  1. Kim G

    Looks even tastier than those Spanish guys you posted a while back. Of course, I’d take either with whipped cream.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the only cream lately is ice cream. Or was that “I scream because I’M SICK OF WINTER?!?”


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      LOL! One day, I’ll post a pic of my landlady’s cousin, the most beautiful man I’ve ever known in real life… move over Jon Kortajarena! AND you’d be in with a chance… that’ s all I’m saying…


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I have a secret weapon… an enormous cross trainer, nicknamed the “reXT”, or, alternatively, the “crotchstrainer”.

      Went out for greasy pizza on Sunday, an absolute must before the flix 😉



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