Andalucía, We’re Coming For You!

I’m enjoying a long weekend down south. Maria and I set off yesterday at lunchtime, and seven hours later, with a few pit stops for food and cake, we arrived in Algeciras, in Cádiz Province. It’s right next to Gibraltar.

I didn’t get a good shot of “The Rock”, coz it was raining when we got here, but it sure looked impressive. Here’s a random Andalucían rock:

Maria singing in the car :)

Maria singing in the car 🙂

We had  "pionono", a local sweet, on the way. Too sweet for me...

We had “pionono”, a local sweet, on the way. Way too sweet for me…

We went out for tapas in the evening - totally delicious!

We went out for tapas in the evening – totally delicious!

Today, we’ll be exploring Cádiz 🙂

23 thoughts on “Andalucía, We’re Coming For You!

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Actually, it’s not bad at all, the vistas are fabulous and the harbour quite impressive. Maria’s sister lives here, and we’re staying with her, that’s the reason why we chose it 😉


  1. Debbie

    Many moons ago, I stopped at Cadiz on a school cruise, but it was just used as the hopping off point to visit Seville. It is on my list to visit properly some time, so I await your report! Happy cake hunting 🙂

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  2. freebutfun

    I have a couple of very precise memories from Algeciras:1) I got the best hair cut there EVER even though I didn’t even know the word for “cut” in Spanish and even less words like high lights and layers. 2) we booked into a cheap room there with my holiday fling, and were brought down to earth in quite a rough manner as we, after paying for the cosy but simple little room, realised that something was missing: the door to the bathroom. Apparently not scary enough as that “fling” is today my husband 😉

    I really liked Cadiz back then, it was very relaxed, not as touristy as many other areas in Andalucia, and I met great people over there! Great memories of the backpacking times 🙂

    Enjoy your trip!


  3. June

    I LOVE Andalucía! If you’re still down South and have some time to spare go to Antequera for the Torcal and for the tapas bars. It’s a gorgeous little town – you’ll love it!



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