Madrid Street Performers: Levitating Basketball Player

Taken on Plaza Mayor, Madrid.

"I must say, you do look a bit silly up there, splayed out in mid-air" "Speak for yourself, Pink Socks!"

“I must say, you do look a bit silly up there…”
“Speak for yourself, Pink Socks!”

"And you, giving me the silent treatment, huh?!"

“Giving me the silent treatment, huh?!”


13 thoughts on “Madrid Street Performers: Levitating Basketball Player

  1. Debbie

    You keep beating me to it! I took photos of him too! I love your second one though, better than mine. Plaza Mayor is certainly a good place to spot street artists with a difference.


  2. Wendy Kate

    🙂 That’s a new one on me…saw a few similar in London last month but they were mostly levitating Yodas (IS it Yoda? The wise creature from Star Wars anyway…)



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