Look Up Look Down: Salamanca Cathedral

A couple of months back, when my friend Noelia and I spent the weekend in Salamanca visiting friends, we trudged all the way up to the top of Salamanca cathedral. The neverending and, at times, devilishly narrow staircases were regulated by a traffic light system to avoid collisions. To my great surprise, everybody seemed to heed the green and red lights. Which proves that the Spanish can follow rules after all 😉

I thought  these pics would make the perfect contribution to travelwithintent’s weekly Look Up Look Down photo challenge.

Salamanca view from Cathedral 1

View of Salamanca from the top of the cathedral

Top view 2Salamanca Cathedral details 1Salamanca cathedral detail 2

View of Salamanca cathedral from the Roman Bridge

View of Salamanca cathedral from the Roman Bridge

18 thoughts on “Look Up Look Down: Salamanca Cathedral

      1. Debbie Smyth

        It’s the coming down that’s the problem so I might still have been up there! Though if its really narrow and spiral and i can’t see too far down I might be ok.
        I would have thought your Toledo legs would have prepared you, but steps must use different muscles to hills.


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I’m the same – I don’t mind hauling myself up, but coming down often terrifies me, and if the descent is too precarious, I won’t go up. On this occasion, it was OK, though.


  1. prior

    what a work of art this building is – and I would have liked to see a photo of the traffic lights on the stairs – and cool that they were heeded – also enjoyed looking through the net – 🙂


  2. The Sicilian Housewife

    Beautiful photos, and I love the thematic football goal netting adorning the first two!
    How did the Spanish cope with being out so soon? The Italians almost went into national mourning. Personally I cannot get over how all these great European nations are out whilst the yanks are still in. How humiliating!



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