The Kraken Is Served!

It was Maria’s birthday party last night, and she laid on some fantastic food for us. There was Spanish omelette, there was cake, but it was the octopus that starred as the pièce de résistance. Quite literally.

I’d had several exasperated messages from Maria that morning about the beast’s recalcitrance to be turned into a meal. It was by far the biggest she’d ever wrestled with, apparently.

Enough to feed the starving hordes...?

Enough to feed the starving hordes…?

Here he is, the sucker, dismembered and in the pan

She won. Here he is, the gangly sucker, dismembered and in the pan!

By the time I arrived, it had made a miraculous transformation into a delicious meal :)

By the time I arrived, the cranky kraken’s miraculous transformation into a delicious meal was already complete 🙂

72 thoughts on “The Kraken Is Served!

  1. NancyTex

    Octopus, when done right, shouldn’t be chewy at all. That’s why I love it so much more than squid. We had some a week ago at a new restaurant downtown, and it was melt-in-your-mouth amazing! Happy birthday to Maria! p.s. Why is she cooking on her bday??


    1. Lynda

      In all honesty I have never even tried it, only heard about the experiences of others.

      So…How do you ever get it done right? What is the process for non chewy Octopi?


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Don’t ask me… ask Maria 😉 Once it’s just a smidgen overcooked, it goes all rubbery. And it happens in a flash. I’m not ever going to try my hand at that, this much I know!


      2. NancyTex

        Oh I don’t cook it (wouldn’t even know where to start!) – but I’ve tasted it awful, hard and chewy and then tender as butter. I’ve heard the trick is to not overcook it – which makes it very chewy. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


  2. Lynda

    I have never seen and octopus that big out of the water tank at the marine aquarium! Those I have seen out of the water, and in the fish market, were small enough to fit into my hand. We used them in the classroom to study them up close and then threw them away! What else would you do with them? 😉


      1. Lynda

        I will have to give this a think, and then see if I can even locate one here in the middle of Jeeterville…

        Er, I mean the Deep South. 😉


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I think Maria bought hers frozen. We’re right in the centre of Spain, rather than at the coast, so it’s quite a challenge to get seafood that was caught that very morning.


      3. Lynda

        When I say non fresh, I mean really not fresh. When you get to the seafood in the market you don’t want the smell to be the first thing you notice. I don’t eat fish anymore unless it comes from a can. Sad, yes?


  3. bevchen

    That octopus looks terrifying! I hate eating tentacally things – I’m always afraid the sucker thingies are going to stick to my throat. And honestly I’m not that keen on seafood at the best of times. Not sure if I’ve tried octpus, but I know I’ve had squid and didn’t like it AT ALL!


  4. Kim in Fiji

    I’ve had it cooked butter-soft which is good – but have more often eaten it chewy. Raw actually. Octopus is SO prized in Chuuk where we used to live that it was rare to receive one with all 8 arms. Usually an arm or two would be eaten by the fishermen with sea water before the creature reached shore. While still raw, there is a sweetness in the flesh that is impossible to duplicate. I don’t think I’d try that with frozen octopus, though.



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