Mum’s Kitchen: Poppy Seed Cake With White Chocolate

Ever eager to indulge my legendary obsession with poppy-seed-impregnated baked goods, my mother tried out a new recipe. And no, I’m not posting it. Neither translated nor untranslated. So don’t bug me, OK? This is pure cake porn. If that’s not your thing, go google small furry animals or something, and leave the rest of us to get on with what really matters:

Nobody but the seriously deranged crushes their own poppy seeds. Instead, you buy them, processed into a baking-ready paste, in a packet.

Nobody but the seriously deranged mushes up their own poppy seeds. Instead, you buy them, processed into a baking-ready paste, in a packet. Remember: Safety first!

The poppy seed paste is about to be mixed into the batter. The white chocolate (grated) is already in there.

The poppy seed paste has been teased and squeezed out of its wrapper and is about to be given the whirl of its life. The white chocolate (grated) has already met the mighty whisks.

Ready to go into the oven

Raw and ready for some serious heat…

Both a shower and a grower, that one...

An eager riser, that one…

Cooling off

Cooling off



Luscious and moist

Luscious and moist, sprawled out on a plate πŸ™‚

So, how was it for us?

Mum: Not convinced.

Me: I liked it! Of course. It is CAKE.

Brother: Best cake ever, he said. Loved the texture, the moistness and the mouthfeel. He’s ordered two for his next table tennis tournament.


Well, are you up for another round…? Other highlights from Mum’s Kitchen include:




52 thoughts on “Mum’s Kitchen: Poppy Seed Cake With White Chocolate

  1. Nerdator

    The ripped apart surface of the cake from the in-the-oven pictures is almost certainly the result of too much baking powder (or your own soda-acid mixture) used. Though excessive temperature may also be a factor.


  2. somewonderland

    I was saving that sandwich for later, but since I once again started drooling while looking at your pictures of awesome pies, I had to choose – either sandwich now, either a mad dash to get me a piece of cake. I think I should’ve ran for that cake, though.
    Note to self: never ever read your blog unless with truly full stomach πŸ˜‰


  3. theblackberryboys

    Yummy! I never thought about poopy seeds and white chocolate together, but this cake looks divine. Now I want something with poppy seeds in it πŸ™‚ At least it won’t be hard to get here in Hungary πŸ™‚ Your Mom rocks!


  4. June

    You had me until I saw the words “Dr Oetker”. Must. Make. Everything. From. Scratch. (It does look yum, though! With a nice coffee on the side?!)


      1. Nerdator

        Is it enough just to load the seeds into a processor and grind them? No other ingredients?

        I love poppy seeds, and while I’d never even heard about the paste before, it sure looks delicious.


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        There were other ingredients… most notably tons of sugar! If I did this myself, I’d probably just grind up the seeds and add very little sugar to it.


  5. bevchen

    Yummy! That looks amazing.

    I saw that poppy seed much stuff the other day while looking for actual poppy seeds (for a salad dressing). I wondered what you were supposed to use it for…



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