The Day Of The Six Cakes

After our hearty lunch yesterday (Chinese, if anyone’s interested), my brother and I were pondering where to go for dessert. I made a suggestion, but the place turned out to be closed. Just as my face reached its maximum disappointment crumple, bro remembered a café in a neighboring village, called “Die Tortenfee”, which would translate as “The (Cream) Cake Fairy”. As caff names go, this was highly promising!

We got there, it was open (HURRAAAH!), and we stood, mesmerised, in front of the display. For an eternity. Drooling. Deliberating. Almost having an argument. Until the lady behind the counter (she must have been the Cake Fairy herself!) told us that instead of choosing one slice each, we could choose a selection of three half-slices. The “half slices” turned out to be very generous, so we effectively ended up with six slices of cake between the two of us.


Tortrenfee all six

My selection: Rhubarb crumble, cheese apple, poppy seed

MINE, MINE and also MINE: Rhubarb crumble, cheese apple, poppy seed

Bro had: poppy seed, some sponge-chocolate cream layered thing, and chocolate cake

Bro had: poppy seed, some sponge-chocolate-cream layered thing, and the most deliciously moist chocolate cake ever created

Although the "African" theme of the place was a bit puzzling (you've got to try to be "different", I suppose), I loved the cheery colourfulness of it all.

Although the “African” theme of the place was a bit puzzling (you’ve got to try to be “different”, I suppose), I loved the cheery colourfulness of it all.

Tortenfee inside 2

52 thoughts on “The Day Of The Six Cakes

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I know!!! Someone should patent it everyone cottons on to this and I’ll be forced to eat six cakes every day!

      Hang on… this may be my new vision of paradise, actually.


  1. somewonderland

    khe khe, I’ve learned my lesson here, and as I can indulge myself with a generous slice of home made apple pie, for once I can enjoy your photos sans drooling all over my keyboard 😀 The only side effect to this is that while my mind tells while looking at those yummy cake pieces that they should taste of chocolate, rhubarb, etc. my taste buds tell it they’re all apple pie flavored 😉


  2. Kim in Fiji

    What about 6 one-sixth size slices? At a resort Austin and I used to go to, that’s basically what they did at their buffet, except it was more like 1/8 size. That way you could try everything, and then just get lots of plates of your favorites. I think the quality at Cake Fairly Lady’s is higher though.


      1. linnetmoss

        I don’t think so. Bakers have to be very precise, and I’m more of an intuitive cook. With pasta you can throw in this and that, and it works out great. With a cake, you have to stick to the recipe. I should use European recipes more, but I don’t have a kitchen scale. We measure by volume here, not weight, which is definitely wrong for baking…


  3. Michael

    Liebe S.B., deine Arbeit gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut! Die Texte, der Humor, die Sprache, dein Auge und die Erfassung optischer Momente, ganz, ganz toll! Natürlich teile ich deine Liebe für FOOD! Du darfst stolz auf dich sein, vielleicht machen wir einmal etwas zusammen.
    Alles gute dein MG



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