Fürstenfeld Abbey… and more CAKE!

Fürstenfeldbruck, where I was born when bushy beards and flouncy flares were in fashion all at the same time, has its small town charms, but it’s definitely not a tourist town. There’s nothing to see. Except for this: Fürstenfeld Abbey.

The story, served up in twitterian brevity: In 1256, some Bavarian Duke executed his wife for adultery. Then it turned out she didn’t do it. Oooops. Too late to fix it with flowers, so he built a massive monastery instead.

Usually, the portals to the Abbey’s church are shut, or they only let you in as far as the iron-wrought interior gates, but, much to my delight, this time, the church was open to all. As you’ll see, it’s really quite… overwhelming. There’s not a square inch that hasn’t got stucco/gold leaf/a fat angel clinging to it.

The BEST thing about this place, though, is the restaurant. The food is (and always has been) absolutely fabulous, and it’s very reasonably priced.

Fürstenfeld Abbey Church, ExteriorFürstenfeld Abbey 4Fürstenfeld Abbey 3Fürstenfeld Abbey 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFürstenfeld Abbey Wrought IronOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And this was my lunch:


Delicious veal rissoles smothered in pepper sauce with spätzle (tiny flour ‘dumplings’ that are kind of like pasta). It was really quite picante, and I loved every bite!


Zwetschgendatschi – very traditional and seasonal. The plums are quartered and arranged on a yeast dough base, which isn’t actually sweet, and which really brings out the flavour of the fruit.

If you’d like to see a handful of pictures of my birth town, click here. There’s ice cream! 😉





44 thoughts on “Fürstenfeld Abbey… and more CAKE!

  1. somewonderland

    Ah, Simone, I think you should stop misleading your readers and just start your titles with ‘CAKE and (insert here object visited)’ 😀
    Really pretty abbey in your home town. And cake and that pasta like thing looks delicious. Now of to enjoy some promised photos of ice cream 😉


  2. NancyTex

    That church interior…wow!! (Overcompensate much, buddy??)

    Loved the pics of your home town in the other post you linked to, and then the old shot of you and Martina in the OTHER post you linked to from the linked post. Are you confused yet? 🙂


  3. Expat Eye

    Ha ha, I love that you were in that amazing abbey and just thinking about how good the cake was going to be 😉
    I can’t wait until the Latvians build me an abbey 😉


  4. joannesisco

    I’m kind of curious as to what she had to say about it when he eventually arrived at the Pearly Gates. I’m guessing she wasn’t overly happy … in spite of the overcompensation in the church 😉

    Now … let’s eat cake. I haven’t had cake in ages!!


  5. Kim in Fiji

    I went from post to post and wonder if Martina did rat you out about your haus-keeping to your mum. I can imagine carrying a grudge for 37 years about a sacrificed ice cream cone …. it seems I have a few similar grudges myself – but with senility approaching I’m starting to forget.


  6. Anna

    The Baroque architecture in Germany is like no other, and such a stark contrast to presumed German restraint in all things, especially on the personal front.

    The lunch looks right up my alley, even the cake!


  7. Kim G

    Wow! What an amazing church! And such lovely pictures! I guess that duke felt MIGHTY guilty after killing his wife in error.

    And I love the fact that there’s a restaurant in there. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a church with such amenities. And the food looks really good.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have some nice churches, but nothing NEARLY that ornate.


      1. Kim G

        Thank you!!! I need to remind myself (in blogging as well as in everything) that the perfect is the enemy of the good. I have a very hard time putting up short, quick blog posts, so they become this big effort which then can get put off. Saludos!


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I totally get that. I’ve been meaning to write a few that aren’t photo-centric, but they got put off for the same reason. After posting all of Bavaria, I’m running low on pictures, so I’m gonna have to come up with a post or two of the verbose kind 😉


      3. Kim G

        LOL… I’ve actually found that if I want to write something, it’s far better to just write it on a word processor rather than be distracted by WordPress’s interface and the temptation to build the post around pictures. Once I start looking for and inserting photos, I totally lose the plot of what I was trying to write.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Hello there! It’s about 25 mins from the Hauptbahnhof on the S4 (east-bound), and you can easily walk to the Kloster from the station, it takes about 15 mins. Maybe if you get bored one weekend…



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