Cruising Down The Thames To Greenwich

This is my last batch of London pictures from last week’s trip. You can pat yourselves on the back, you’ve held up most valiantly. Thanks for indulging me in my nostalgic reveries…

I wont torture you with tedious explanations – I’m sure each and every one of you has a tourist tat dust catcher of at least one of these landmarks on their mantlepiece.

Tower bridgeSt Paul'sTower bridge & boatLondon Eye

London river viewCanary Wharf ResidentialCanary Wharf

And a few shots from the hill in Greenwich Park:

Greenwich Park 1Greenwich park view 2Greenwich park view 3Bottled Ship, Greenwich


* Phew! *



48 thoughts on “Cruising Down The Thames To Greenwich

      1. Trippmadam

        I am not sure you’d need a horse. (But I love my “rio Manzanares”, even if it is more of a “riachuelo”)


  1. Heyjude

    There’s nothing like a slice of nostalgia with your coffee. What? No coffee?
    Actually Greenwich is the one place I really would like to explore if I go back to London.


  2. TheLastWord

    Nice! Especially getting that thing lined up in the middle of the Eye! My right hand shakes…. (and I shoot with my right ! )

    I really want to go to England, then Spain, Portugal, France again, Prague, Vienna. And Germany – taking care to avoid the cat infested parts.


  3. Andean

    The close-ups are amazing. The centering, and the “eye” of the person behind the camera. Very, very nice photos!
    Thanks for the tour, I have been reading πŸ™‚


  4. Anna

    Daaaaang. Gorgeous. So, the Eye – ever been on it? Fun? Worth it?
    Word on the street is, I will be in London between Oct 10 and 20, and then again around Nov 25.


  5. prior

    great shots – :0 and the boat in the bottle at the end was the perfect wrap up – I looked at the larger version (which I rarely do with posts) but I was able to see even more of the pattern on the sails – and the raised seal in the wax! Also, the windows in the top of that shot just add to the feel – but every photo was cool and I like the variety of angles –

    oh and side note – no pressure – but I actually do enjoy when you give a few notes here and there with pics – not always needed – but sometimes I love the notes you give because it adds much.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I try not to overdo it with the commentary, especially when I think that a pic is self-explanatory. I realise, though, that I’m biased, having taken the the pic and been to the location… πŸ˜‰



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