Municipal Water Feature Crimes – Part Two

Some of you will remember my momentous rant about Toledo’s eyesore fountain, which obliterates the historic city centre, from a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, this isn’t the only… erm… visually and conceptually challenging water feature the city has foisted upon its residents and visitors.

There’s also this one, located to the west of the Jewish quarter:

Decking fountain

What did you say? You can’t see a fountain? Just a dead tree sticking out of some shoddy decking?

Well, let me put it to you: This whole sorry plank assemblage IS the fountain.

But a fountain needs to spout water!


I hear you. Let me help you: Can you make out that tiny hole/ring in the fourth row of planks in the centre of the photograph above?

No? Let’s get a bit closer to it:

StandpipeHere we have it. An upturned standpipe sunk into slats of wood, oozing water, like some up-the-creek plumbing. Sigh.

OK, this one’s not quite as aesthetically offensive as the other one, but as far as decorative water installations go, it’s another spectacular fail.

The only positive thing I can say about this piece of “public art” is that the sound of trickling water, as you’re walking over the area, is actually quite pleasing. Unless you happen to be desperate for a wee at the time.

32 thoughts on “Municipal Water Feature Crimes – Part Two

  1. Karolyn Cooper

    Have you never watched cartoons? Didn’t you worry that the a jet of water might erupt as soon as you bent down to look at the feeble spout?


  2. Jenna

    Hahahahah oh dear. I literally laughed out loud. Maybe the city is trying to conserve water, while giving its residents a little bit of the beauty that is a water fountain.


  3. Kim in Fiji

    Our heads are still spinning from Pica Pica. My husband wants to go shopping in Toeldo. Everything you want arcades make beautiful water fountains less necessary – or something like that.


  4. bevchen

    Even in your zoomed up close-up shot of the pipe I can’t see any water!

    Karlsruhe’s fountains all look like fountains but they seem to be switched off 90% of the time. And there are a few odd ones.



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