Toledo Does Cocktails!

It’s not all about tapas in Toledo. This weekend, and this weekend only, several bars are running a cocktail special. We went to check it out last night.

We kicked off with a piña colada, because the advertised special wasn’t available for some reason. Maybe it was better this way. The “Carol Kick” promised to be a florid concoction laced with some energy drink. It would probably have kept me awake till Tuesday.

Piña Colada

Chunks of tinned pineapples on sticks are kind of “exotic”, I suppose…

Purple Turtle

The “Purple Turtle”. A bit like imbibing liquified gummy bears!

Bar man

Precision at work 🙂

Strawberry Limon Dry

…and I give you the “Strawberry Limon Dry”. Not bad, though I didn’t quite manage to finish it.

OK… it’s midday Sunday and I’ve only just rolled out of bed. In an hour and a bit, I’m meant to be doing tapas… watch this space 😉




53 thoughts on “Toledo Does Cocktails!

  1. June

    Did you just have the three, or did you just forget to take photos after the third one? I do love cocktails, but generally only sour ones like Mojitos or Margaritas. That purple thing really does look awful! Can you remember what was in it?


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I’m a fan of mojitos, definitely 🙂
      The blue one… let me check… it just says (in the leaflet) rum, lime, apple juice, orange peel, and a number of undisclosed ingredients… pureed blue gummy bears just has to be one of those! 😉

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  2. NancyTex

    No sweet drinks for me. I learned a few years ago that it’s the sugar content that causes the hangover. Or something like that. At any rate, I’ll eat my sweets and drink my booze sans the sugar.

    Happy tapas later!

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